Legends of localization earthbound zero

As a token of my thanks, i decided to purchase your earthbound legends of localization book from fangamer. I liked the sample pages i read and look forward to reading it after i play through earthbound. We really appreciate your hard work. Legends of localization. 43 talking about this. The legends of localization series takes a detailed look at how classic japanese games. Legends of localization book 2. Earthbound is now available. Color book is filled with my 20 years of obscure knowledge about the game, my 15 years of professional industry experience, and insight from the game. S head localizer, head marketer, and even the creator himself.

The translation world has legends of its own, but not all legends involve greatness. Many provide pain, confusion, or comedy, as these examples of bad game translation prove. The legends of localization series takes a detailed look at video game translation and how games change during the translation process. See here for more details. This is one of several pages in legends of localization. Research and data archive. Images on this comparison page, out of. The popular legends of localization website has become a new book series. Get ready for book 2, which is all about earthbound and how it was.

Ve also included many of the screenshots i took while doing research for my big book about earthbound. This includes unused content, rarely. Seen content, and other topics of interest outside the normal game. Though one person worked on both, earthbound zero and earthbound had different translators and editors. This is probably why yet another name change was used in earthbound. Earthbound, uncommon knowledge. Many eb central regulars know that i relatively recently started a new site called legends of localization in which i dig deeply into the localization and translation differences between various video games. This is a supplemental video for content found in the main book. For the details and information behind the topics covered in this video, consult the corresponding sections in the book.