Ken burns civil war episode 6

The civil war, the emmy. Part series from ken burns, is now fully restored to high definition, achieving the optimal picture quality originally intended. Kenneth lauren burns. Is an american filmmaker, known for his style of using archival footage and photographs in documentary films. S documentary depicts the action of famous civil war battles, and relates the stories of soldiers, generals and a beleaguered president. Beginning with an examination of slavery, this episode looks at the causes of the war and the burning questions of union and states.

The opening strains of the civil war, ashokan farewell, are haunting, even over twenty. The civil war was the most destructive war in american history. 9 million men served 1. 5 million enlisted for three. Killed in action or died of disease. American television documentary miniseries created by ken burns about the american civil war. It was first broadcast on pbs on five consecutive nights from september 23 to 28. Find out how to watch the vietnam war. A film by ken burns lynn novick, and explore clips previews.