Networker cross platform recovery

It looks like cross platform recovery to me. You are trying to recover data from a w2k client to your linux networker server. With the cli recover program you will need to add a. D parameter in order to write the data back to the client rather than the server. With nwrecover you probably can. T do it, since i think that even at 7. 2 there is no directed recovery option in the unix gui. Periodically people who are new to networker will lament that it doesn. That is, a recovery run on the server that pushes data out to the client. Platform browse and directed recovery online help available within networker gui or at the command line via man pages automatic event notification via pager, email, or optional snmp module advanced media management extensive support for high. Speed, high capacity tape drives including all dlt, ait, and lto for both scsi and fibre channel share tape libraries and backup disk arrays between.

Networker queries the nas and implements cab support automatically. So, it would have to enable cab for the c. Mode client but not use cab for the 7. So directed recovery between the two clients would behave like cross. Platform recovery because one requires cab support and the other cannot support cab. Cross os platform recovery is not supported. Windows backup can only be restored windows, linux and unix to linux and unix hosts only. Windows data can not be recovered to linux or unix host and vice versa. Formerly legato networker. Is an enterprise level data protection software product that unifies and automates backup to tape, disk. Based storage media across physical and virtual environments for granular and disaster recovery. Software used to backup. Legato networker legato server. Windows legato clients. 2 years ago fedora something, now.