Ketofol preparation

Intubation checklist. Since peter pronovost. S landmark study on how a simple checklist can nearly abolish central line infections, checklists have been the darling of the medical literature. There appears to be no safety benefit regarding a 1. 1 ketofol preparation vs proprofol, nor any difference in patient satisfaction. Future studies regarding comparison of ketofol and ketamine could potentially be useful given concerns over ketamine induced emergence reaction. Ketofol infusion should be at least as suited to the task as midazolam. In conclusion, we have reported the successful use of ketofol infusion in conjunction with regional anaesthesia in four high.

Learn how uptodate can help you. Select the option that best describes you. Propofol mixed with racemic ketamine. Is popular for short procedural sedation and analgesia, yet the optimal combination is unknown. Ketofol was not directly compared with other known procedural sedation and analgesia regimens. Thus, it is impossible to comment on its superiority over other regimens in ed practice. The small size of this study limits the ability to offer firm conclusions about the safety of ketofol as a procedural sedation and analgesia agent. Subdissociative ketofol. Despite the numerous trials exploring the optimal dose and ratio, the issue of the use of ketofol continues. With considerations such as emergence phenomena, sedation, analgesia, and time to ed discharge, further research is required and ongoing.

In summary, ketofol used at a 1 mg. Kg dose for ect procedures yielded similar seizure durations as propofol, but produced a better seizure quality. Accordingly, we conclude that ketofol can be an alternative agent to enhance the seizure quality and possibly clinical efficiency of ect. However, future studies are required to evaluate the effects of ketofol with different concentrations and in different clinical diagnostic groups. It has been previously reported that ketofol procedural sedation results in more consistent depth of sedation compared with propofol sedation, despite the decreased amount of propofol used with ketofol. 27 these observations are supported by our findings because fewer patients in the ketofol group required repeated dosing to maintain deep sedation, and fewer ketofol patients progressed to a ramsay sedation score of 4 or less during their procedures. Preparation and administration. Take a 10 ml saline flush and empty 2 ml and draw up 2 ml of ketamine. Mg of ketamine in flush. Comes in a standard 10mg. Fill a different 10 ml syringe with this you have. If you mix the two in a new 20 or 30 ml syringe you get.

Veterinarni medicina. 63, number 8 review article. Dos santos lo, caldas gg, santos cro, junior db traumatic brain injury in dogs and cats. A systematic review. Ketofol versus propofol. Another popular drug combination for psa consists of propofol and fentanyl, and there are two studies that compare ketofol to this combination. To raise awareness about oligoanalgeisa, the joint commission made pain the. American physicians started being evaluated and compensated by means of patient satisfaction with emergency department pain control on factor.