Repconn headquarters 3rd floor access

The repconn hq has robots on each level which read your id badge to check you have clearance to be at each level. On the second floor it seems you can hack a terminal for a third floor access card, which even shows in your keys the same as the other floors. Access cards, but in fact when you reach the third floor the robots do not acknowledge. Found something very strange on repconn office 2nd floor, a hidden door. You can interact with it and it will say something about jamming the door. 65 or higher repair required. Go through the door in that room to retrieve jenny millet. S security card which will grant free access to the second floor. Backtrack through the exhibits until you find the door to the gift shop. The repconn headquarters terminal entries are a collection of terminals entries from repconn headquarters in fallout. This average locked wall terminal is located next to the door to the robot recharge and security office in the entrance foyer.

Ve been trying to get into repconn and freely go around the 3rd for, but no matter what, i can. I have the password from the terminal of the executive traitor, but that won. S terminal upstairs. Use this if robots on 3rd floor of repconn hq ignore 3rd floor access card in your inventory and instead of allowing you to free roam go to luck. Intelligence check, which ends in fight if luck is 7 or intelligence 2. Repconn headquarters is the home office of repconn aerospace. The building contains many hacking and lockpicking tasks. Repconn headquarters was the home office of. The southwest cubicle in the room has the final hidden door on the floor. Use the office opposite this last door and the ceiling ramp to reach the third floor. Like the second floor, the area is restricted. The scanners can be bypassed with an executive floor pass. Printable on the second floor.