Stable ntp server

For manual ntp server configuration used with non. Domain joined machines or the pdc, having more than one server is a good redundancy measure in case of availability. It might also give better accuracy, assuming the all the sources are accurate and stable. However, if the topology is not well designed, or the time sources are not stable, the resulting accuracy could be worse so caution is. The project is a big virtual cluster of timeservers providing reliable easy to use ntp service for millions of clients. The pool is being used by millions or tens of millions of systems around the world. Server and peer addresses. Following is a description of the server configuration commands in ntpv4. There are two classes of commands, configuration commands that configure an association with a remote server, peer or reference clock, and auxiliary commands that specify environment variables that control various related operations. Typical ntp configurations utilize multiple redundant servers and diverse network paths in order to achieve high accuracy and reliability. This distribution includes a simulation framework in which substantially all the runtime ntp operations and most features can be tested and evaluated.

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